Best New Cars For 2018

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Ford Lincoln MKZ 2018

Lincoln is Ford’s luxury brand offering amazing and comprehensive cars in the United States, being the Lincoln MKZ the sedan model that in 2018 comes with great and improved features, in direct comparison to the previous one. So, starting at 51.000 dollars the Lincoln MKZ that comes in two variants; gas and hybrid or at fully gas.

In details, the Lincoln MKZ model on its fully gas version is powered by a 2.0 litter turbocharged engine with four cylinders, offering 245 HP in total on a six transmission that comes completely automatic. Being a luxury car, the MKZ includes leather six only with heat capabilities, genuine wood on the steering wheel and dashboard, along with system monitor and GPS.

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2018

The Bold EV 2018 is a completely electric car and direct renewal of Chevrolet’s first automobile not using internal combustion at all, but offering all the advantages in terms of design, power and efficiency any customer would have and a having a much cheaper price than direct competitors on the segment.

Specifically, the Chevrolet Bold EV 2018 is a 200 HP car with a battery that allows it to be driven 280 miles on a single charge, hitting 60 miles per hour in only 5, 5 seconds. Also, the Bold EV 2018 comes built-in WIFI and LTE technologies, smartphone integration, MyLink touch display, Regend On Demand and One Pedal Driving.