Best New Cars For 2018

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Volkswagen Golf R 2018

Volkswagen bets on a sports car for the masses with the Golf R 2018, being a gasoline based car powered by a 2 L TSI engine with almost 300 HP; a complete daily dose of adrenaline to drive this machine anywhere. In the same way, the Volkswagen Golf R 2018 includes the 4Motion traction technology, 7 speed GSI transmission and multi-collision brakes for the best safety.

Talking about insides and appliances of the Volkswagen Golf R 2018, it includes a touch screen radio, travel computer, XDS System, Parking System, as well as a LED headlights with turning function and daily light, along with multipurpose wheel, brushed aluminum pedals and leather front seats.

Honda Urban EV Concept

The Honda Urban EV Concept is a completely different car in direct comparison to the others in this list, with a state of the art retro design but with the required modern touches in terms of design, even including a layout of rear-hinged doors like a Lamborghini in a minimalistic and ultra- small vehicle.

Regarding the interior of the Honda Urban EV Concept, the car includes a wood trim and a big and widescreen across the whole dash to control every aspect of the vehicle, built-in screens on both doors as well that are connected to the side-view cameras. In terms of power, the Urban EV Concept by Honda would come with a 150 HP engine and up to 300 kilometers to drive on a charge, coming this 2018 or early 2019.