Best New Cars For 2019

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There are many novelties that will reach the market in this next 2019 . Today, we wanted to gather a selection with the 10 best cars and SUVs that will be released, choosing a Top 10 made up of models from different segments and that, for some or other characteristics, will arouse great interest in the coming months. All of them have a commercialization date confirmed for 2019 , but before the end of this year it is very possible that several of them already officially know their designs and final characteristics. Which one do you prefer?


The MFA2 platform from which the new Class A has already emerged will serve as the basis for the familiar Class B monovolume variant and, within this family, this unprecedented SUV version will also emerge in 2019 . If the interior of the new Mercedes GLB will also be an argument for the family projection of the B-Class (in the 4.60 meters of body of this GLB there will be room for up to three rows of seats ), its style seems inspired by the great GLS, with surfaces, angles and proportions that give it a robust SUV image. The interior environment will also transmit the avant-garde of the new Class A, with its two screens levitating on the dashboard.


The prototype 40.2 that Volvo recently presented in the last salons makes it clear that the successor of the V40, rival of the also imminent future Audi A3 and VW Golf , among others, is just around the corner. Knowing the new XC40 , the SUV version that has advanced its staging, it is easy to imagine the future proposal of this compact that arrives in 2019 . Stylistically, the attractive script of all new generation Volvos will follow, and, technically, the result of the CMA platform that Volvo has developed for its small models, it will adopt electric, hybrid, gasoline and diesel engines. It will also benefit from the Care by Volvo shared purchase program.