Exclusive Cars For The Richest People

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If you are the 1% that can afford to buy a car of the highest range, there is a surprising number of really expensive cars that may be of interest to know them then.

The first on this list certainly is the Lamborghini Venom Roadster and is worth about $ 4,500,000 and only 9 of them were built in 2014, this car is also accompanied by the traditional for Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin produced by conventional brands such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Lamborghini Venom Roadster

Assembled in Italy with a 750 hp engine, 6.5 liters and about 12 cylinders, this car is fairly lightweight carbon fiber reinforced and reaches a speed of 221 km / h and cost about $ 4,500,000.


It was created in France; it has a 1,200 hp engine of 8 liters and 16 cylinders. Only 50 of these cars created in 2005 but from the start they wanted to make about 450 and its price is $ 2,500.000.

Agera S

This car was created in Sweden with an engine of 1,030 hp 5.0-liter driving the car at a speed from 0 to 62km / h in 2.9 seconds, its value is $ 1,520,000.