How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition.. Forever!

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The relationship with your car does not have to be a short-term relationship – you can save a lot of money by keeping your car in good condition, instead of replacing it on a whim every few years. And there’s no need to be a mechanical genius to bring the speedometer to a six-digit number. Just follow ten simple tips.

Start with a good car

Almost all cars will last at least a decade if we take care of them, but some cars are more prone to problems than others. The reliability of Japanese cars is legendary, but not overlooking European cars, which are much improved in recent years and are usually cheaper to repair. German cars are famous for their reliability, but at a considerable cost.

Respect the scheduled maintenance

Follow the maintenance schedule in the user manual of your car religiously. Do exactly what it claims to do, exactly when he says to do it, and resist the temptation to do more – your oil-change shop or dealership may recommend extra services, but if it’s not in the book, do not you need to do it. Be aware that some cars may need self expensive care in high mileages. Stay the course – remember, you are setting up the car for years to come

Find a reliable mechanic

The general recommendation is to choose an official dealer’s mechanical of the houses they have the proper tools and training, but are expensive and some even offer a very poor service. When the car approaches the end of its warranty, begin your search for a good mechanic. Ask friends and family if they know a mechanic from recommending. When you find a mechanic, explain that you expect to keep your car for many years and that you are looking for a long term business relationship in the hope that this will avoid requests for unnecessary repairs.

Create your own small fund for maintenance

The cars are broken, and there is nothing like an invoice for repairs to 1,500 Euros that can scare you and make you run to the dealership looking for a new car. But remember that your old car is expected to generate at least 5,000 euro per year in repairs each year for five consecutive years to justify the purchase of a new machine. In almost all cases, the repair of your old car is less expensive than buying a new one.